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The Mec Storage company offers a wide variety of standard Supermarket Racks  wrenching options, including wall gondolas, center gondolas, finish gondolas, wall channel racks, lighted racks, corner racks, glass racks, mesh basket racks, alligator bins, top canopy, stepped back racks, many-sided racks, ball cage racks, live racks , Metal Storage Rack ,  trolleys, shopping baskets, shopping tramcar baskets, stall bins, impulse racks, broom stands, search bins etc . These are some of the features of supermarket racks. With these Racks, we seek to provide a solution that enhances visibility and lighting of the racks to

make them more attractive to potential customers . Since the racks are cantilever, there are no shadows cast on them. In order make them more attractive to potential customers . to maximize visibility, they will have two sides, with a walking aisle and a searching aisle. Retailers set up racks so they generate the most revenue for a particular retail house by adjusting the realm . 

Utilizing display  rack, products can be arranged by class, making the supermarket appear more clean, tidy, and customers may feel enlightened upon entering, which stimulates consumption. Enhance the quality of the product. The management of the workers is more convenient after the products are arranged in an orderly manner. There can be effective management of putrefiable products or damping products. Racks will thus improve the quality of products by enhancing production efficiency. Work potency can be improved by reducing labor intensity. Workers are pleasantly surprised by the orderly display of products after using  racks, which could greatly decrease their workload and improve their productivity, resulting in an increase in the store’s turnover. 


Types of Supermarket Racks

Departmental store rack @ 1


In wine shops, wholesaler shops, retail shops, and automobile accessories stores, departmental racks are in high demand. Our racks are used in a variety of stores and warehouses, and we receive many inquiries about them.

Gandola Rack @ 3


With the installation of mezzanine level between shelving levels, we can optimize storage space and optimize building height, thus providing customers with a superior range of Gondola Racks.

Corner Rack @ 1


A corner rack is there to store products in a corner of the supermarket. As a result of taking up the corner space, it provides the best possible use of space.

End-Cap Display Rack @ 1


For storing grocery items, Mec Storage offers End-Cap racks with special features such as strength, durability and fine finish. Space-saving, and sturdy display racks, these racks offer plenty of storage space.

Grocery Rack @ 5


The answer to your search for grocery racks can be found at Mec Storage. Among the racks we manufacture are top-quality steel racks for use in a variety of applications.

Perforated Display Rack @ 1


Adding hooks to perforated display racks is similar to adding hooks to wall racking systems. Pegboards that support the shelves are perforated, rather than shelves and racks, as in a wall shelving unit.

Purchasers should be provided with security. It is possible to arrange supermarket racks in a more orderly manner, enhancing the interior setting of the store, allowing customers to choose and buy an item more comfortably, preventing show racks from collapsing, and creating a safer working environment . Utilize capacity more efficiently. It is versatile and convenient to assemble supermarket racks, the workers will freely arrange them in four or five layers, maximizing the room, allowing the store to place more goods without feeling crowded. In addition to having a great deal of benefits,  racks have become a popular instrument for shopping in a wide variety of supermarkets. So as to create additional supermarkets and stores conveniently, manufacturers have also designed a variety of sizes and specifications of display racks for supermarkets to choose .

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