Are Gondola Shelves the Best Shelving for Your Store?

Gondola Shelves: The most commonly used type of retail shelving is gondola shelves. Because of their highly functional features, your shoppers can find them in your stores and across other retail formats. What is the best way to maximize the store’s efficiency with gondola shelves?

According to a recent report, a Gondola Shelves built using an efficient planogram contributes 50% to the total sales of the store. Using planograms, retailers are able to display various merchandise with removable shelving, slots, and pegboards using gondola shelves. To maximize the efficiency of the store, here are some planogram tips:

Gondola Shelves

A clip strip is a thin piece of metal or plastic with hooks placed at regular intervals that can improve a store’s efficiency. As a result, more space is allocated to the top-performing SKUs, resulting in more exposure and sales. Additionally, cross-merchandize any products together, such as toothbrushes next to toothpaste, shampoos next to conditioners, etc. To increase exposure, retailers can use clip strips like merchandising displays, adhesive displays, or printed displays.

Use grills for small products or items that can be stacked on top of each other. These items improve the shopper’s experience and encourage them to purchase more. Additionally, grills increase the facings and optimize shelf space for each item, allowing more room for the best-selling items.

Pegboards are retail fixtures that allow you to position pegs, hooks, and baskets at different distances. Due to its limited depth, it reduces unnecessary shelf stock capacity.

As a result of its visually appealing feature, it can draw shoppers’ attention to the store, allowing them to easily find and reach the right products. The use of pegboards for cross-merchandising items and boosting sales is similar to the use of clip strips.
You can also hang products on hanging bars, which are spaced like shelves on a gondola, just like pegboards. It is for this reason that products of the same height can be hung together. hung together.

As a result, more items can be stored, which optimizes shelf space for more sales. Due to the browser-friendly nature of hanging bars, this results in an improved shopping experience for shoppers.

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