Gondola rack Shelving : 4 Best Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Gondola rack shelving: Gondola shelving is the most common type of retail shelving. In most stores and across all retail formats, you’ll find them. That’s because they’re highly functional and can accommodate a wide range of products. What if you want to maximize their efficiency?

In light of the fact that your Gondola shelving has a significant impact on your success, why wouldn’t you want to make the most of what you have? Additionally, if you don’t maximize what you have in store, you’re effectively wasting your space.

1. Maximize your Gondola Shelving by using Clip Strips

You can maximize any shelving in your store with clip strips, which are thin pieces of metal or plastic with hooks placed regularly.

The Benefits of using Clip Strips

  • There is more space for your best sellers. You can allocate more space to your top-performing SKUs by merchandising on a clip strip rather than your gondola.
  • Opportunities for cross-merchandising. Cross-merchandising can be done with any product that shoppers would use together. You can, for instance, arrange hair accessories near hairbrushes and combs; mugs near coffee; and toothbrushes near toothpaste.
  • Fixture costs were reduced. It doesn’t make sense to build customized shelving when there aren’t a lot of products in a category. It’s especially true if the product fits on regular shelving.
  • More exposure and sales. In any gondola run across your store, clip strips can increase the exposure of certain products, leading to more sales.

Customizing your Gondola Shelving with Clip Strips

With the benefits of clip strips in mind, it’s important to understand how you can customize your gondola shelving.

Depending on what you want to accomplish, you can choose from a variety of clip strips. There are several variations of clip strips, including:

  • Display strips can be used to hang products that would normally be hung on hooks.
  • Consider customizing your clip strip if you have an oddly shaped or bulky product.
  • Adhesive display strips. Strips like these are best suited for lightweight products, allowing you to hang merchandise in the packaging you hadn’t intended to.
  • You printed Display Strips. While your clip strips allow you to hang products, you can also use them as a branding opportunity, increasing exposure to your entire brand instead of a single product.

 2. Maximize your Gondola Shelving with Grills

Retailers looking to maximize their shelving and present a neat appearance should consider using grills on their shelving.Grills are especially suitable for small products, products that can be merchandised next to each other, and variants of items with the same recommended selling price.

The Benefits of using Grills

  • A better shopping experience for customers. Your customers will have a better shopping experience if your products appear neater on your shelf. Additionally, it reduces the chances of products falling off the shelf, which could embarrass a customer.
  • Educating customers. Any grill you use can be marked with product information, so shoppers can make more informed purchases.
  • The number of facings has been increased and the space has been optimized. Using a grill on a shelf allows you to increase the number of Y faces. The reason for this is that a product rests against the grill. Since you have more shelf space, you can also allocate more space to your bestsellers.

Adding Grills to your Gondola Shelving

  • You can adjust the grill length to fit your shelf.
  • Grill fronts and frames can be used. Only the front of your shelf can be fitted with these grills. Grill frames fit onto the front and sides of your shelf.
  • Perspex grills should be added. As long as they are done correctly, these grills can enhance the store’s image.
  • Grills made of metal and wire should be included. However, they are still functional and can serve a purpose despite not being as visually appealing as perspex grills.

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3. Maximize your Gondola Shelving by using Pegboards

With pegboards, you can position pegs, hooks, or baskets at varying distances by using evenly spaced holes.The best products for pegboards are usually those that cannot stand upright on their own. Accessories for pools, hardware tools, and stationery are some examples.

Pegboards have many benefits

  • Reduces shelf stock capacity that is not needed. Due to the limited depth of a pegboard, it is difficult to overstock the shelf. There is less chance of the shelf looking messy due to overcapacity.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Pegboards break up regular shelving and draw the eye. The right product is also easier for your customers to find.
  • Improves shelf space utilization. Gondola shelving is rigid, but pegboards aren’t. You can optimize more space and allocate more facings to your bestsellers since you will have more leeway when merchandising products.
  • A cross-merchandise strategy. You can cross-merchandise products using pegboards, thereby increasing the growth of multiple (instead of just one) categories.

4. Make the most of your Gondola Shelving by using Hanging Bars

Hanging bars are similar to pegboards in that they allow you to hang products. Their appearance and structure differ.Pegboards have evenly spaced holes for positioning pegs at varying distances. In contrast, a hanging bar is arranged like a shelf on a gondola. As a result, products hang at the same height.

Hanging bars have many benefits

  • Products that can’t be displayed on standard shelving can be merchandised. The size or shape of your product may not fit conventional shelf standards, so you can stock them on hanging bars.
  • Optimising shelf space is possible with it. By maximizing your space with hanging bars, you’ll be able to increase sales and profits.
  • The experience of shopping has been improved. By merchandising on hanging bars, your products will appear well organised and ‘browser-friendly’.
  • Educating customers. You can also use your hanging bars to display other items besides products, such as pamphlets and other marketing materials, because they are similar in nature to your pegboards.

Hanging bars for Gondola Shelving

  • You can adjust the width of the bars according to the width of your gondola. The first step is to identify any hangable products you can merchandise on hanging bars. Afterwards, adjustments need to be made. Depending on the product specifications, you can include different peg lengths and widths.
  • Hanging bars should be placed strategically. By strategically positioning hanging bars relative to your standard shelves, you can customize your shelving. If you have coffee tins, you could place coffee refill packs next to them.

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